The book in a bag scheme

Keep children reading.

At Moulton Nursery we are passionate about early reading. During our school day children are exposed to books in every area of our setting both indoors and outdoors. Staff read to children with enthusiasm and passion. It is our belief that children who listen to stories will develop a wider vocabluary, will enjoy reading in later years, will enjoy writing and creating their own adventures, will use stories as a basis to enrich their imagination.

We have a wide range of homemade books in the setting exploring our local community and adventures we have been on and books on our family and friends.

It is our desire for every child to enjoy stories so we have developed our Book in a Bag scheme. Every child will recieve their own bag. They will then be able to choose a book from our libary to take home and share with you. The books can be changed as often as you like. We also include a diary for either you or your child to write in or draw in to tell us what they like about the story, what made them laugh and who their favourite character was.

Did you know that if you read every day with your child by the time they are 4 they will have heard 1460 wonderful stories!!