Feeder Schools


Moulton Nursery School is situated opposite Moulton School. Our close connection with the school supports children's transitions as they move on to primary education. We are privillaged to join the school for special events such as sports days, whole school picnics on the field, reading sessions with the infant classes and special weekly sessions with year 5 classes who will become school buddies to our nursery children. We also enjoy hot school lunches in the canteen for those children who choose a hot lunch.
During the Final half term of the year the children also have regular meets with the reception class teacher over at the school where they familiarise themselves with the new class room and the whole school.


Davenham Primary School is situated in the next village to Moulton. As two small communities we are very close and with no pre school facility in Davenham we have a lot of families who want the community feeling come to us in Moulton. Within the Davenham community the school provides a quality environment underpinned by the Christian faith, values and principles. This promotes positive relationships, mutual respect and a tolerance for others, encouraging everyone to achieve their full potential.