Home learning bags


Bringing stories to life with story stones.


Story stones are a great tool for supporting childrenn's communication skills, language skills and encouraging their imagination and creativity. In nursery we use them for a range of activities. We would love for you to share them with us!

Exploring number


The importance of introducing maths to children at a young age is shown later on in their school years. Children need fun opportunities to explore number and make links betwen numerals, amounts, sequencing. The best way to support this is to have a rich environment with lot's of opportunity to spot shapes, build dens and explore numbers. Maths is a fundamental part of nursery life, from providing problem solving opportunites daily for example how many spoons do we need? to walking in the community looking for numbers and shapes. We want to share our ideas with you and games we play and so we have made a number bag to use at home.

Rhymes and nursery rhymes


Reading and singing ryhmes with your child helps to set the foundation for later reading skills. They help to improve memory and cognitive development, it develops language and good literacy. In nursery we are always singing nursery rhymes and asking the children to match a rhyming word in every day conversations. If a child can hear the sound in the word it helps them to read with phonics at school.

Playing in Nursery

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