Learning Hub

At Moulton Nursery School we pride ourselves on including families in all we do. In this section of our website you will find websites we love and use in Nursery to find activities. Sources of information on child development and recipies we love to use in nursery so you can do that at home.


Early years reading activities

This link takes you to a website with lot's of activities to support reading in the Early Years.

Book Trust

Sharing books, stories and rhymes with your child from an early age can help create a lifelong reader. Bookstart is here to guide you on your child’s reading journey from 0-5 years.

Early Years Hand Writing Skills

Developing upper body strength and hand eye co-ordination are an essential part of lerning to write. We must set the foundation for early writers through play and activities. This NHS advice has some great ideas for you to share with your child

Pre writing strokes

Prior to forming letters these pre writing strokes will help children in their letter formation later on.

The Communication Trust

Good communication is the gateway to learning, friendships & academic achievement. The Communication trust has lot's of information on how to support your child.

Our PlayDough Recipie

We love to explore with Playdough and we especially like to make our own. Click the link to find out more.

Puffy Paint

We love to try new and exciting ways to get creative. This puffy paint recipie is so much fun! Click the link to find out more

Moon Sand recipie

At Moulton Nursery we love sensory play. This easy Moon sand recipie offers endless fun!

Learn how to support your child in developing the skills for self control, planning ahead and staying focused. All of which are vital throughout life.

Preparing for primary school

The transition for children from pre school to school is undoubtedly daunting, on this page we have lot's of advice and support for parents.