Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch box 7.webp

One thing I have noticed through the years of working with children is how much they like to pick at food! With this in mind when it comes to lunches I find that having small amounts of different foods appeals a lot more to fussy eaters. It can be very challenging after a hard day of playing to open your lunch to a sandwich and a yoghurt when you suddenly decide that's not what you fancy. In a small mind this can cause a lot of anxiety. The lunch ideas below offer children lot's of different options to pick at. I tend to find once they start picking their way through all of a sudden they've eaten their lunch!

This is a very typical lunch box. A wholemeal sandwich with carrot sticks and tomatoes. A mixture of dried fruit and nuts, a pot of blueberries and an apple.


Cous cous with chopped tomato, chopped cucumber and feta cheese is a great alternative to sandwiches. With a side of boiled egg, strawberries and raisins. I especially love the stickers added for a treat!

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This is a wonderful way to use up any left over pasta from the night before. Add some chopped cherry tomatoes, green beans and mozerella cheese. Of course you can change the ingredients to suit your child's likes.

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A wholemeal ham & salad sandwich, shaped pretsels, mini carrots and fresh strawberries.

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Mini sandwiches, eggs, mixed salad, a blueberry muffin, raisins and yoghurt topped with blueberries! What a great lunch!

Lunchbox 8.jpg

This option has stuffed pitta bread, mini wholemeal muffins and a mixture of berries. Pitta bread can be filled with so many different varieties, such as cheese, tuna, humous and mixed vegetables as is shown.

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Mini crackers, sliced ham & sliced cheese  is a great alternative to sandwiches. I love the side of celery sticks here but these could be swapped for any kind of veg. The fruit option here is watermelon and then theres a sneaky yoghurt in the side.

Lunch box 6.jpg

This box has a healthy wrap filled with cheese and ham, a side of salad sticks with a humous dip, some melba toast, an apple and some dried prunes.

Lunchbox 5.jpg

This is a very different lunch box! I like the imagination of it. A cooked baby sweetcorn, Vegan dumplings, sliced apple and a sprinkle of raisins.

lunchbox 11 (2).jpg

This box has spaghetti cooked with tomatoes and lentils. chopped celery and a vegetable side. Chopped Kiwi fruit and blueberries, chocolate moose and as a treat some pancakes!

Lunch box 13.jpg

With the main part of this lunch a shell pasta salad mixed with tuna fish, a side of raw brocoli and tomatoes and hard boiled egg there is plenty of nutrition. For desert a healthy mix of berries.

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