Moulton Breakfast Club & After School Club

Our Breakfast Club & After School Club were named 'The Fun Club' by the children shortly after we opened in 2015. We have since strived to make it the place to be. Understanding that children have had long days at school we want them to have different areas for their different needs. Down time - to relax and watch a movie, The craft zone - to let off some steam and let their creativity flow, Outdoor space to run off some of that energy! Most importantly we have the staff who understand some days are tough and children need to talk about it and share their experiences with an adult they trust.


Our Prices

Breakfast Club

£5.00 per session

After School Club

15:15 - 17:30
£9.50 per session

To Book your child please download a booking form and send it in to us or call on 07717 944 100


Booking Form

Child Record Form.