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At Moulton Nursery School we are determined to be there for families. This mean we offer flexible childcare as best we can. There are no fixed days where you have to pay even if you don't want those hours. We open at 07:30 and close at 17:30. Our Pre school starts at 09:00 and closes at 15:00 however children can attend outside of these hours.

When a child turns 3 they are entitled to 15 Hrs of funded childcare. If you as a parent/parents qualfy you may be able to increase this to 30Hrs a week. Click on the link below to see if you do. We will accept the use of the hours for any times up to a maximum of 10 Hrs a day.

We also accept children in receipt of 2 year funding. In this case you can find out if you qualify by speaking to your health visitor at your child's 2 year check. This entitlement is for 15 Hrs of funded childcare.

We also accept a number of voucher companies through work payment schemes. If you company doesnt offer a scheme you can sign up to the Government childcare choices scheme where by every £8 you pay into your account the government will add £2. This is a great schem available to everyone.


Price List

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Hourly Rate


We charge by the hour so you can choose your own package to suite your needs.

Pre school session


Our pre school session runs 09:00-15:00 if you needed to add an extra hour thats no problem you just add on our hourly rate.

Full day


Our full day runs from 07:30 - 17;30

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