Settling your child into Moulton Nursery School


At Moulton Nursery School we understand how difficult it is when you first hand over your child into the care of a new setting. As parents ourselves we are determined to be as supportive as possible to your family and make the transition a positive experience. We use a 3 step process:

  1. We invite you and your child to come for a visit. Together you will meet the team, take part in the activities and resources and have a fun enjoyable time.

  2. We will then come and visit you and your child at home as part of our home visit programme. Your child's key worker will be allocated beforehand and will join a manager on this visit. Whilst your child engages in play with their key worker the manager will sit with you and discuss any questions you have. We will also use this opportunity to deliver one of our special nursery bears and nursery story book to your child. This is a book written by the staff at nursery and tells the story of bear enjoying a day in the setting. There are lot's of photographs of bear playing with our toys as well as pictures of the team. This gives you the opportunity to talk to your child about their new environment and what they will be able to do when they visit. We find this a great tool to use in preparing your child for the next step.

  3. Finally a settling in session. We invite you to drop your child off with us for a short session of about 2 hours where they will be greeted by their key worker and shown around their new environment. We like to keep this session shorter so your child knows you will be coming back to collect them and they leave excited and postivie about their visit.

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