Snack provided in our After School Club

After a busy day in school it is no suprise that children come out hungry! With this in mind we provide a variety of snacks for them to enjoy. Below are some examples.

snack trolley.JPG

The Snack trolley

Our snack trolley is packed full of fruit, brioche rolls, breadsticks, breakfast bars, rice cakes and much more. If your child does not like our main snack of the day they can help themsleves from something off the trolley!


Daily specials

Every day we have a special snack, below are some examples of what we offer.

  • Pizza & veg sticks

  • Nachos with melted chesse

  • Soup & bread roll

  • Baked beans on toast

  • Custard

  • Naan bread, poppadoms & dips

  • Pitta bread, veg stick & humous

  • Yoghurt, granola & fruit

  • Fruit platter

  • Waffles, strawberries & cream

  • Scones, jam & cream


Our main snacks are served on platters which are placed on the tables for children to help themselves too. We also offer Milk and water throughout the session but children are welcome to use their water bottles from school should they wish too. We always check in with the children to make sure we are offering food they like and we listen to their requests and ideas. Enjoying snack and chatting with peers and staff after a day at school is so important!