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Preparing to start primary school.

There are many people involved in preparing for a smooth transition into primary school from pre school. This page explains how we can help and support each other in order to support your child.


Who's involved?

1. The Child

At the centre of the transition to school is the child. Some children are super excited about the move and others are more reserved and unsure. It is the role of adults involved in the child's life to support them and prepare them.


2. The pre school practitioner

It is the role of the pre school practitioners and child's key worker to help each child gain a level of understanding about the changes that are about to take place. Preschool is all about preparing every child for starting school. For this reason we follow routines similar to those which will happen in school to create some familiarity with the school day such as registration, circle times and story time. Closer to the transition time we add more specific activities to the routine such as talking about each new school, taking part in p.e sessions, discussing how to make new friends, looking at the new uniforms, reading stories about school and learning about new teachers.


3. Parents

For many parents having a child start school will be a completely new experience so you may be feeling anxious about the changes.  Children often pick up on how their parents are feeling so it is important to try and be as positive about the transition as possible, if you're excited they will be too. Skills that your child will need before starting school are going to the toilet independantly, dressing and undressing for p.e sessions, confidence and independance. Often many parents will be concerned that their child is not meeting all of the EYFS development outcomes or can't do maths or write their name yet, it's important to remember that children have another year during reception to become secure in all of these areas. Reception will be a play based year as it is still in the foundation stage.


4. The School & Teacher

This part is crucial in ensuring that the school are aware of any individual needs of each child and so the teacher has knowledge of where each child is at developmentally in order to plan an appropriate curriculum and support each child. We always meet with the teacher before your child starts their new journey to ensure they have this information. At Moulton school you will be invited to attend transition meetings where you can meet your child's teacher and the headteacher, you will be shown around the school and be given opportunities to ask questions. Your child with have transition sessions where they visit the classroom and meet their teacher. These insights are priceless in having a positive transition.


Below are links to further resources to support families with their school transition.


Spurgeons children's charity has a great video showing how parents can prepare children for school. They have activities to do at home to support independance, wellbeing and emotions

This document gives parents ideas of the skills they can develop with their child before starting school.

BBC bitesize has a great game to play online with your child about starting school, click the link below to try it out.

Oxford owl has some great information and a video on building children's resiliance and confidence.